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Definition of Body Mass Index (BMI)

What is the body mass index?

The Body mass index (BMI), estimates the ideal weight of a person based on its size and weight. The Body mass index is valid for an adult man or woman (18 to 65 years).

The BMI is also called index Quételet (invented by the Belgian scientist Jacques Quételet, 1796-1874). The World Health Organization (WHO) define this body mass index as the standard for measure the risks associated with overweight in adults.

A trustworthy test

Too big, too skinny… the appreciation is often a matter of fashion and personal impression. Body mass index or BMI is, however, much more reliable. It´s the result of a calculation between your weight and height, and gives you the possible risks to your health. The fashion is one thing, health is another… Take the BMI test!

Health and BMI

A high BMI is associated with increased risk of death. The risk of death increases with a high overweight for both men and women (cancer or other diseases) . The factor increases if the person smokes.

Models and BMI

In Spain, since 2005, women models with a BMI less than 18 are no longer allowed to participate in parades. This action was taken to combat the risk of anorexia among young women easily influenced. Indeed, the WHO considers a woman with a BMI less than 18 is not in good health. This could soon be extended to other countries of the European Union.

Interpretation of the BMI

Discover your BMI in a few seconds. Immediate results and personalized commentaries. Take the BMI Test!

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